Virtual Tours for Real Estate

3D tours and floor plans are an essential part of the modern home buying process. They give someone viewing houses all the information they need, including a virtual tour of the listing, speeding up the selling process, and giving you a higher rate of qualified leads.

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

3D Immersive Tours

People can visit a location and walk through the listing anytime.  They can clearly see how the different rooms connect, giving them clarity when dreaming about a house. 

This is much harder to do when you only have straight photos.

In addition, including 3D virtual tours in your listing information package gives the buyer more options when viewing the listing online.  

Some portals, such as Zillow push the listing higher in the search results if it has a 3d tour.


Real estate agents know that branding is one of the critical parts of marketing. Good branding has elements of trust, reliability, as well as name recognition. 

The branding tools we use in our partnered software show both your name and face to the listing, increasing your branding without extra charges.

The tour is also available in an “unbranded” version to meet your MLS’s requirements.

Floor Plans

Homebuyers want floor plans as it is a clear visual representation of what a house looks like. Having accurate floor plans with dimensions lets them see how their existing furniture will fit in the existing rooms.

It also gives them a bird’s eye view of how the rooms connect and relate to each other, which is again, is very hard to do with only traditional photos.

We also deliver PDF versions of the floor plans that include accurate dimensions.  These can be emailed, or passed out to potential buyers while touring the home.


Reports are essential in any business as they give you the most important information that you are looking for. With our reports, you can show your seller how people are interacting with their home listings, and how any views they are getting.

With a few easy clicks, you can send a professional, clean, and branded report to your sellers.  This will impress your clients with your knowledge of how well the house is showing.

Why 3D Tours are Needed Today

In the world of Real Estate, you want your potential buyers to experience the home they are looking at. They want to see every aspect of the house and how the different rooms relate to each other. 

Potential buyers can’t always view a home in person, which is why 3D tours are so helpful. 3D tours give the ultimate touring experience as they get to visually walk through the house and see the floor plans in an easy-to-use platform.

Because of this experience, buyer’s can also easily rule a house out, thus giving you fewer unqualified leads and showing appointments, reducing your workload.

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More likely to book for customer aged 18-34

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Longer views than without virtual tours

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What 3D Tour Platform benefits both the realtor and home buyer?

There is a lot of different 3D tour platforms, types of equipment, and companies that are available to you. We wanted to make sure that the services we provided benefited both the realtor and the homebuyer

If the service looked great but weren’t easy to use, the homebuyer would have a negative experience. If the navigation were easy to use but didn’t flow in the realtor’s sales process, they would have to do more work and, in return, feel frustrated.

We have tried them all and only offer what we consider the best.  When looking at what service and equipment would be best for the realtors, we looked at a few main areas:


3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon
Feature iGuides Matterport Zillow
3D Tour
3D Tour Tag on Zillow
Photo and Video Integration
Floor Plans
"Doll House" View
Analytics Report for Seller and Seller's Agent Basic
Complete Content Delivery
Branding on 3D Tour
PDF Printable Floor Plans
Laser Accurate Floor Plans
Floor Plan Accessible during 3D Tour
Appliance Listed on floor Plans W/ Advanced Add-on
Time to Capture (3,000 sq. ft. property) *Approximations 15 mins 105 mins 25 mins
Floor Plan Processing Time 24 hours 24 - 48 hours N/A
Cost $$ $$$ $
3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Our Choice: iGUIDE's 3D Tours

After much research, REALiant Photography has partnered with iGUIDE 3D Tours because they provide all the information buyers are looking for in one place and make it accessible to anyone anytime. They also include features making it easy for the realtor to use and incorporate in their sales process to get better leads.

While their equipment and software require training to capture professional 3D tours, we have taken the time to learn their product and match it with our premium quality, so all the work is on our shoulders, not yours. All you have to do is reap the benefits of having a 3D tour and answer questions of your newly qualified leads.

At this time, REALiant Photography is the only provider of iGuides between Salem and Eugene Oregon, including the Oregon Coast.

  • Reduces in-person visits 
  • Qualifies potential buyers 
  • Extends the listings reach to people out of town for virtual showings

Our 3D Tour Package

3D Immersive Tours

A visual walkthrough of the house. With easy to use arrows allowing a potential buyer to experience what it is like living there. 

MLS and Beyond

MLS-ready including more information for your listings to stand out. Impress sellers with what you are able to provide with just a click of a few buttons!

Floor Plans

Potential buyers want floor plans because it help them visualize and get an idea of the property. Giving potential buyers this visualization generates more qualified leads and increases buyers interest. 

Reports and Analytics

Proving reports and analytics for everyone including, information for buyers, analytics for sellers, and reports for you!


Increase seller’s and buyer’s confidence and trust in you with extra branding. Features include videos, name, title, logo, and more.

Room Measurements

Homebuyers rely on the dimensions of a room to make sure that their dream appliances and furniture fit. Being able to give them the room measurements increases trust and assurance. 

Areas Calculations

Homebuyers, sellers, and real estate agents all use area calculations when making their decisions about pricing and values.

Gallery Images

iGuides includes a photo gallery of high-res pictures. This is extremely important if you have a high-end home, as some MLSs limit the number of images and their image quality.

House Buyer's Journey Using Our Process

What our Clients are saying


Standard Tours

3D Virtual Tour


(Starting Price, Less than 2,000 sqft)

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Advanced Tours

3D Virtual Tour


(Starting Price, Less than 2,000 sqft)

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

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iGuide 3D Tours Benefits Explained

iGuides 3D tours have the best features that other software companies have with much-needed benefits that blow the competition out of the water. Like other 3D tours, they include 360-degree images that allow people to look at a room in an angel they want. However, that is where the similarities end!

iGuides have made the navigation experience easier by integrating the floor plan letting a viewer know where they are at all time. This decreases the effort a homebuyer has to use to memorize where they are when viewing a new home. Less stress means a better experience and a more positive view of a house. In addition, they include features, such as branding, high-resolution photos, video options, printable details, maps, reports, and much more! These are what make our 3D tours stand out and your listing more intriguing to buyers.

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Custom branding elements for real estate agents allowing for greater reach

Options for users to see different parts of the tour, photos, videos, information like floor plans and area measurements, and map location

Floor plans on 3D tour giving a visual representation of the house and easy navigation

Features allowing users to get measurements for any location, video play button, share, and help services

Circles for easy to use navigation around the house

MLS and Beyond

As a real estate agent, you know the benefits of going the extra mile for your seller:  Getting future referrals and impressing new potential buyers and sellers.

Simply uploading pictures to the MLS simply won’t cut it anymore in this competitive profession. Using our 3D tours gives you much more than a walk-around tour.  It also gives you high-res property photos (more than the MLS might let you put on), property details, floor plans, measurements, and branding for you.

You can also include personalized branded videos to increase viewer trustworthiness and sales rate.

Our iGuides tour that you can easily link to your MLS includes:

Add Measurement information to MLS listing

Add branded and unbranded tours, depending on what your MLS allows you to do.

Add customed sized images for all MLS needs, depending on if your MLS allows for smaller or larger images.

Add floor plans JPGs to your MLS photo section

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Example Advanced Floor Plan

Realtors can upgrade to advanced floor plans, which includes more details such as appliances and fixtures to the 2D model. For example, let viewers visually see where their sink and oven are instead of a plain room!


Floor Plans

We know the importance that floor plans have on listings. They provide potential homebuyers information on how the home flows, room sizes, door swings, window locations, and storage space. We chose to work with iGuides due to their recognition of these facts. They worked hard to provide accurate laser measurements for their floor plans, so your viewer will be assured what’s on paper is what’s in real life.

They went above and beyond and included their floor plans into their 3D tours giving potential homebuyers a visual layout of the home they are viewing. Other 3D walkthroughs don’t have this feature, and as a result, they are more likely to be frustrated trying to remember where they are during their tour. iGuide tours have fixed this issue.

One of the most important features they provide is letting users go directly into the floor plan or 3D tour and take their measurements. They can drag points along different locations to get specific measurements that are important to them!

All floor plans are available as a PDF download as well as online. This is a feature that is unique to iGuides (Not available from Matterport), and gives you extra freedom such as printing them out to hand to home viewers and send digitally for people viewing your listings online.

Name, Title, and Picture of You

Branded Videos

Brokerage Information

Branded Logos


Branding is vital to any real estate agent because it increases confidence and trust that drives relationships between you and clients. So, the question is, how can I increase my branding with every listing? The answer lies within our system!

We add your branded information about you on the virtual tour, and these include your name, title, brokerage, picture of you, contact information, and your logo image. We can add branded videos to your listings as well.

These elements go a long way to putting a friendly face and reliable company to a listing.  This will also potentially attract buyers to you which you can then refer to colleagues, or potential sellers that appreciate the extra effort you are putting into your listings.  It is a win-win all the way around!

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Custom Logo

Custom Picture

Custom Social

Custom Details

Reports and Analytics

iGuides provides reports and analytics for everyone in the sales process.

Report for Listing Agent

Once we have created the 3D Tour, we email an initial report to you. This report is for you making it easy to download all your information to handle them the best ways, whether that is printing them out, adding them to your MLS, or uploading them to social media: you are covered.

Analytics for Seller and Listing Agent

We send weekly detailed analytics that you can share with your seller.  This includes overall visits, unique & returning visitors, duration, and referrals.  This report is branded with your information.

This assures the seller that you are receiving views on the property.

Details for Buyer

We also provide much-needed information for the homebuyer that they can access from the 3D Tour.  This includes downloadable PDF floor plans, room measurements, and floor area information.

3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Sent only to the listing agent.


3D Real Estate Tours in Oregon

Sent weekly to the listing agent. Can be forwarded to Seller.


Available when buyers view the 3D Tour. It is located in the iGuides Tour, Details tab.


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Creating iGuides is not our only Real Estate service.  We also offer high res photography, video tours, and drone photography.  We can add iGuides to these other services so you use a single vendor for all of your photography needs.

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You have now learned what iGuides can do for you. Contact us today to get one done for your new listing.

After real estate listing dinning room is edited by professional in Corvallis Oregon

Better Listings, Photo by Photo

We provide images that are proven to increase the quality of your real estate brand. 

We provide stunning photography, video, and 3D tours to real estate agents in Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, Albany, the Coast, and throughout Oregon. When deciding which service provider you want to work with, consider our experienced photographers who understand that extraordinary quality is the backbone of an excellent listing.