Getting Your House Prepped for Real Estate Photography

Let’s face it.  You want to sell your house for as much as you can.  The best way to do this is to present it well to prospective buyers.  Buyers want to imagine themselves there.  It is hard for them to do that if they are looking at other people’s tooth brushes on the bathroom counters or garbage cans and cars in the driveway.

Here is a checklist of what you can do as a home owner or Seller’s Real Estate agent to put that house in the best light. Most of these are not fiction as we have had to either deal with it ourselves (thus charging additional fees), or leave them in the picture, and thus reducing it’s effectiveness.

Feel free to print this page out and make sure all the items are checked off.

In the days before the shoot

This modern house in Corvallis lended itself to a "one point perspective".

The day of the Shoot

General Inside

Real Estate Seller Photography Checklist


Have an amazing house on a hill top? What better way to show it than a perfectly framed drone shot.

Kitchen and Meal Areas

A modern take on kitchen cabinets taken in a one point perspective.

Living and Family Room

Real Estate Seller Photography Checklist


This is another "imagine yourself here" shot. Who wouldn't want to soak in a tub like this and enjoy the view?


This master bedroom has an incredible view of Waldport, Oregon. We used the advanced photography technique to pull the view through the windows.

“Performing these steps can get you a higher asking price, putting more money in your pocket. ”

Scott Kemp – Owner

After real estate listing dinning room is edited by professional in Corvallis Oregon

Better Listings, Photo by Photo

We provide images that are proven to increase the quality of your real estate brand. 

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