About Us

Quality is our trademark. We will not deliver a product until we are satisfied that it is our best work.


We pride ourselves in capturing the moment in a creative way.


A professional shot video with professional gear can make a big difference compared to a video from your smart phone.

Web Design and Business Consulting

We have not only built multiple successful companies, but are experts in design.

Printing and Design

We can print your pictures using our calibrated printers or even design your signage and brochures for your marketing campaign.

Social Media

If you are not doing social media today, then you are doing it wrong. Let us help you deliver your message like never before.

Only the Best

Making a quality product requires knowledge, expertise and high end gear.  We are always learning our trade as it is constantly changing.  New technologies appear and old ones fade away.  If you are not moving forward, you are getting passed by.

If you or your company has this same vision and want to have photography and videography to help you achieve those goals, whether that means gorgeous art in your lobby or a smashing social media campaign with viral videos, please contact us.

We offer free consultations for your projects.  I am sure we help develop a project scope that works for your budget.

Community is everything.  With my wife Pansy Kemp, a Realtor at RE/MAX Integrity, we set up free photo booths for the community where you can get a quality photo for free.  We have done children’s trick or treat events, 4-h shows, community concerts and classic car shows and are always looking for more.


To not have goals is like piloting a boat without a rudder.  At the mercy of the wind, you end up drifting until you hit the rocks.

2019 State Fair

Voted Peoples Choice, Judges Choice Panorama, First Place B+W, 2nd Place Panorama

2018 State Fair

Scott Kemp’s macro shot of his daughter’s bee hive earned one of 3 prestigous awards.

2018 Benton County Fair

Not only taking best of show for color photography, he earned a best of class for black and white photography.

Discovery Channel

His viral video of hummingbirds (8 million views) has been featured on the Discovery Channel.

A Background in Technology

Scott Kemp, the owner of REALiant Photography, has been involved with technology since he was 14 years old in the mid 1980s.  He went on to graduate with a computer science degree in 1992 from Oregon State University and has lived in Corvallis since then. He co-founded a software company called PenMetrics which was later sold to Trimble, He then started a company called Knife Edge Software which became a very successful software company that made flight simulators for model airplanes.  In 2005, he then went on to build a luxurious Alaska fishing lodge in the wilderness (which is a story of its own) and really latched on to photography with a passion.

In order to promote the lodge he had to do his own photography of the Alaskan experience.  Regularly getting published in the local newspapers and web sites, he also sold his photography in the galleries of Ketchikan to the tourists that came in every summer.  He sold the lodge in 2012.

Back in Corvallis, he founded another company building software and selling toys during Christmas on Amazon.com.  He has now moved over to photography full time and would be more than happy to show you what he can do.

“I named my company after living on Highway 20 just outside of Corvallis.  It was there that I proposed to my wife, raised my girls, and watched my sweet grandparents spend their final years.  To say that it has a place in my heart is an understatement. ”

Scott Kemp – Owner

I love capturing the moments of your lives.  To tell the story in a unique way.  To make you feel emotion when you see the finished work.  I love what I do and I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Scott Kemp, Owner

After real estate listing dinning room is edited by professional in Corvallis Oregon

Better Listings, Photo by Photo

We provide images that are proven to increase the quality of your real estate brand. 

We provide stunning photography, video, and 3D tours to real estate agents in Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, Albany, the Coast, and throughout Oregon. When deciding which service provider you want to work with, consider our experienced photographers who understand that extraordinary quality is the backbone of an excellent listing.